Lawns, Turf and Synthetic Grass

Synthetic Grass in Mornington Peninsula, Melbourne

Stay green year all round in Melbourne and Mornington Peninsula with Southern Landscapes lawn and turf. Laying all types of turf, we specialise in water-wise and cost-saving beautiful turf solutions.
Luxurious lawn and turf is possible without using a lot of water and can provide loads of benefits that you may otherwise miss. Melburnians, like much of Australia love outdoor living and even a small stretch of nice green grass can add a lot of value to your lifestyle at home.


There are many turf grass varieties available for differing applications and further varieties are always being developed. Examples of popular residential turf types in Melbourne and Mornington Peninsula include soft leaf Buffalo, Kikuyu, Santa Ana and Tall Fescue. Each have their own advantages and distinct looks, feels and colours. Some have broad leaves or a capacity to mow low, some are deep rooted, drought tolerant, indigenous, sun loving, soft, hardy or prefer the shade.

Beautiful green turf looks stunning but the benefits of having your own healthy lawn go beyond what meets the eye. Lawns actually help to purify and cool the air and are a source of plant oxygen exchange. Turf is a natural filter, protecting water quality and the environment. It helps reduce glare and noise and provides a safe place for children and pets. Maybe best of all, a well-maintained lawn increases the value of your property.

In helping you work out which turf type to lay Southern Landscapes take into consideration the look, feel, location, soil type, size and purpose of the turf among other things. After consultation with you, we will assess your soil conditions, watering capabilities, intended use (family, pets, vehicles, etc.) and sun exposure and also do a maintenance evaluation to determine which variety will work best for your requirements.


Want an instant low-maintenance, lush green lawn with no watering for your Melbourne or Mornington Peninsula property? Southern Landscapes supply and install excellent, Australian Made synthetic grass that looks real but doesn’t cost the earth.

The benefits of synthetic grass over natural turf and lawn are really worth considering, especially if your time is better spent on things other than watering, mowing, feeding, edging and blowing your lawn on the weekends!

Advances on the manufacture of artificial turf have given rise to superior products in more recent years. Synthetic grass is now a real option that doesn’t detract from the multi-functional normal uses of our lawns. In fact, synthetic lawn is sometimes better. Traditional lawns take up a lot of our time, need regular maintenance, can get muddy, messy and weed-ridden. A synthetic lawn on the other hand provides a great expanse of useable green that you can still play, lie down, park and run around on but doesn’t need watering or much care at all. If you go away or there’s a drought or torrential rains, you don’t need to worry about it.


There is a fine art to installing synthetic grass. Synthetic grass still requires expert installation for best results. As professionals in lawn, turf and synthetic grass, Southern Landscapes apply proper care and attention to your installation. For example, a lot of time needs to be spent in making sure all the subsurface drainage and fixing of the turf is fitted correctly to ensure the turfs longevity. Our fully trained and highly skilled team make sure all the preparations are neat and secure to give you a forever lush green lawn with a perfect result.