Retaining Walls


Retaining walls can be a great way to not only protect your home and building from earth falling incorrectly but can also help with erosion and water drainage. Retaining walls are also used to create levels and useful surfaces in your landscape. Sloping terrain can be transformed into accessible flat areas which can be landscaped and gardened as you wish. Providing stability and usability, exciting retaining wall ideas can become beautiful features in your garden. Our team at Southern Landscapes can use concrete, timber, brick or stone among many other materials in the construction of retaining walls.

There are a multitude of types, shapes, colours and textures of materials available for building a retaining wall. Each suitable material has its own benefits and advantages – concrete blocks for example are strong, flexible with height requirements and very colour adaptable (by rendering). Stone is naturally beautiful and has subtle variations in colour, texture and shape, rocks can be used to great dramatic effect and timber can be utilised horizontally and add warmth visually to a retaining wall.

With the expertise and qualified tradesmen of Southern Landscapes you are able to be at ease knowing that we will go through all steps to ensure your retaining wall meets all the council requirements and is constructed to exceed your expectations.

Mount Martha, Cranbourne and surrounding Melbourne suburbs can book a consultation with one of our dedicated team members. In consultation with you, Southern Landscapes carefully choose the materials and design to blend in with the requirements and look you want to make sure your retaining wall is not only engineered properly but aesthetically compliments your landscape and surroundings with style.