Water Features

Water features are a real focus to any landscaped garden. Water features in your garden create a sensory depth that you can see, hear, feel and touch.

From simple water fountains to architectural water curtains, reflection ponds and natural looking creek beds, water features are an incomparable asset to your home and lifestyle.

Water, as a moving substance, changes shape constantly and so needs to be channelled for proper flow. Spillways can form part of the water feature, creating an even flow of water over the water feature’s materials. Spillways can also create a naturalistic effect at the head of waterfalls.

There are endless design possibilities from modern and contemporary to classic and traditional styles that can be incorporated into any size and type of landscape. Southern Landscapes garden water feature ideas are sculptural and adaptable, utilising many materials including glass, timber, earth, clay, metal, glass, stones and pebbles, concrete and brick to carry and accentuate the natural dynamic beauty of water.

With precision and creativity, Southern Landscapes will integrate spillways into water features and our water installations are also made to be water-efficient, using eco-friendly water circulation systems for energy saving and efficiency. Water features such as ponds and fish ponds can even be beneficial to your garden, keeping mosquitos away and attracting native birds.

The ranges of colours, sizes, complexity and types of systems in water features are huge. Southern Landscapes provide expert advice, design and installation of water features within your budget, time-frame and environmental requirements to compliment your home.